Hello!  I am a Software Developer with 12+ years of professional experience.  I’ve been interested in software since my 11th birthday, when I first got my hands on a copy of Turbo Pascal and some basic instruction, and haven’t been able to give it up since.  A few years later, and I had limited experience in VB6, Java, ASP, and HTML/CSS. 

But since I started developing professional, I have focused mainly on C++ development for the desktop; first using the Win32 API and DirectX, then Qt and OpenGL.   Another focus area has been on GIS software, such as mapping systems and geometry processing utilities.  Because of a deep interest in Aviation, I have always been a geographically-minded person, and merging that interest with technology was just a natural step to take. 

The introduction of the iPhone SDK sparked an interest in mobile development.  My first iOS application, iE6B, was released within a week of the App Store opening for business.  Later I worked on the InciNotes application, which pushed me to expand my iOS and Objective-C skills to much further. 

The intersection of C++ and mobile development is an area I am highly interested in, as the strength of C++ – namely that it is supported everywhere: iOS, Android, desktop Windows, Linux, Server, OS X – naturally lends itself as a way to support multiple mobile platforms.

My professional career has taken place in a very fast-pace environment, where robust and maintainable code is prized for being able to adapt.  Despite having a couple areas of focus, I still consider myself to be a “software generalist”, and pride myself on a fearlessness in diving deep into a new codebase and finding my way quickly.   As such, I thrive in dynamic environments where writing efficient code in C++, automating a tedious process with Python, and using SQL to prepare data for lightning-fast retrieval is all in a day’s work.